Ginny Fox is a contemporary artist from New York whose minimalist works are characterized by the subtle interplay of patterns, structures and colors. She finds these elements both in the natural world and in fabricated materials such as weaving or architecture.


Characteristic of her work is the use of multiple panels on which a subtle and evolving narrative unfolds. Using a rag instead of a traditional brush, she applies and removes the paint, allowing her hand to be directly involved in the creative process. This unique technique lends her paintings a tangible intensity and dynamism that, when viewed from a distance, create a harmonious, meditative pattern.


The reductive quality of her work developed over many years, during which she initially created wall sculptures from found materials such as branches, bones and fabrics. Her deep fascination with physical properties and the way they interrelate led her to her minimalist language. Using wood panels one to two inches (ca. 2,5 – 5 cm) deep, her works have a noticeable sculptural sensibility.


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