David Lebe

Archival Pigment Prints

These photograms were made and hand colored in the 70's and 80's.

The originals were scanned and reprinted in an edition of 15 in 2011.


In a series of hand-painted photograms, Lebe has arranged flowers, leaves, seedlings and other specimens into a constructed landscape of sorts; floating in the middle of some vast celestial sky, or growing from the earth against a background of soft pink clouds.

Photograms are a cameraless photograph made by placing objects directly on or just above light sensitive material and then exposing the light sensitive material to light. The shadows of the objects create the white areas. The black areas are where the light struck the light sensitive material enough to fully expose it. By using objects that let only some light reach the light sensitive material grays are created. What results is, essentially, a large negative. What was light is dark and what was in shadow is light.

Lebe made these photograms on silver photographic paper. In some cases he contact printed the original negative photograms to reverse their tones. The images with a predominately black ground are the negatives and the ones with predominately light ground are the positives. Lebe then hand painted these prints with water color.

Vegetable series

Scribble series

Black and White Light Drawings & Photographs

Hand-painted Light Drawings & Photographs


David Lebe enrolled at the Philadelphia College of Art in 1966 and attended classes led by Ray K. Metzker and Barbara Blondeau, artistic descendants of the Bauhaus movement, whom he considers mentors. He also taught photography at the school for fourteen years. He thought of becoming a photojournalist but found that it was not an adequate outlet for his creativity.

While in school he developed a passion for pinhole photography. It eliminated the single “decisive moment” of a photograph and the image became instead, the decisive twenty minutes or more. With that amount of latitude he could jump into the photos himself. As Lebe says, “I learned that a photograph could be a whole event.” He next began experimenting with “light drawings”. To create these pieces he puts a camera on a tripod in a darkened room and walks in front of it drawing or outlining an image with a flashlight. Sometimes he adds another light source; sometimes body parts (usually hands) drift through images. He views his light drawings as his most spiritual pictures. He feels that this process of using light depicts the energy that occurs between our bodies and the world. Some of the images are surrounded by whimsical spirals of light which are reminiscent of the swirling sky in Van Gogh’s Starry Night. In these images he has created art that is ethereal, playful and life affirming.

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Click here to read an interview between David Lebe and Richard Kagan

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