Keith Loutit is a photographer and short film maker, based in Sydney Australia who's initial 4 short films, presenting Sydney as 'the Model City" garnered the immediate attention of global online audiences.

Loutit's film making style creates a powerful illusion of miniaturization, by combining a range of photographic techniques including aerial vantage points, selective focus, timelapse photography, and the speed of playback. Once treated in this way, ordinary scenes appear to take the form of scaled down stop motion animations.

Although Loutit's technique presents a scaled down, and sped up 'hyper reality', his goal is largely documentary. Loutit aims to present things as they are, help audiences to distance themselves from subjects they know well, and see the ordinary as being worthy of their attention.

Firmly believing in art for the masses, Loutit employs social networking, blogging and video sharing sites to reach a global audience with a simple message, that 'we live in a beautiful and amazing world that deserves a second and closer look'. To achieve this aim, Loutit collaborates with popular emerging musicians, to produce movies of similar style and duration to popular Music Video Clips, in order to appeal to the short attention spans of internet audiences.

Once concluded, Loutit plans to re-assemble the scenes from his existing short films to tell the story of a typical day in Sydney, before moving onto a planned 'global cities' series.

Over 100,000 still photographs were taken to produce Keith Loutit's 5 short films to date.