Bryan Meador

In the age of codes, data and computerized images, the subject/object relationship in more fraught than ever. An image on a screen, however realistic, has been translated through unknown numbers of non-human languages and technologies. Images that would seems to be a direct view of a landscape or object are therefore products of translations even as they appear to be direct representations of the real. The easiness of the image on the screen allows us to bypass understanding the translations it has been through to reach us.

My work is a kind of amplification of the “glitches” and “mistranslations” that we know happen in digital texts and images but can’t always locate: less and identifications of these mutations and more of a celebration. I am to allow the two “logic” of digital images (representation and mutation” to exist in dialogue to create a more questioning view of our relationship to digital images.

Photo of Bryan Meador


Bryan Meador is an artist from Oklahoma of Cherokee and Irish descent. He lives and works in Upstate New York.

Meador earned a BFA from Parsons with honors and worked in commercial photography in New York City after graduation. During this time his love for photography grew, but he became increasingly preoccupied by the unseen manipulations inherent in most commercial work. His photography practice became intertwined with painting as he began to work with the intention of illustrating the creative, abstracted, and non-representational context in which commercial photography is created. His work investigates how photography and computers are changing the way we think about nature, ourselves and how we relate to the world around us.