Allyson Levy

Whereas art and life are mere imitations of each other, I can echo that sentiment loudly from my own

After relocating to rural upstate New York 21 years ago my life has become completely informed and
inspired by my interaction with the plant kingdom. So much so that I became a commercial
landscaper , grow a large amount of my own food. and started a botanical garden with my husband.
Hortus Arboretum & Botanical Gardrens is a Level II Arboretum, specializing in rare plants from
around the world. Our goal is for our gardens to be a “Living Textbook” of the diversity of life that can
be grown in the Hudson Valley of N.Y. ( )

My art has also followed my life interests using plants as a wellspring for inspiration. My current body
of work deals with the properties of found organic materials at various times of the year. It also deals
with the processes those materials undergo through nature's transitions; decomposition, sunlight,
wind, insects, etc

By combining natural materials with wax I am trying to capture human-animal interaction with nature.
The treatment of these organic materials along with various techniques of encaustic painting will
convey the feeling of particular moments of time and how they reflect human emotions. From sprout
to decay, you the viewer are visually confronted with the profoundly beautiful , devastating and
inevitable life cycle.

My paintings are my attempt to portray and perhaps find beauty and solace in these brief moments.

Allyson Levy 2021

Small Encaustics

Euphorbic Series

Birch Bark Panels

Large Encaustics

Ex-Situ Seed Library

Baya Series (Encaustic)

My fascination with textiles is exemplified by my attraction to the African Mud cloth designs by the Bamana people of Mali. These cloths are called 'baya', and are created using a wax as a resistance medium to create patterns, a process that employs the use of both plants and mud.

Historically, the Baya cloths have strong graphic designs that often reprsent important cultural symbols and were worn by women during important transitional periods in thier lives. Often the upper part of the cloth contains little dots which are hidden when worn. These small dots patterns symbolize the beaded belt, or " Baya", that a young Bamana woman wears around her waist and is associated with seduction and fertility.

As a middle aged American woman on the cusp of the transitional period of menopause (another important female transition often shrouded in cultural secrecy), my own identity as a viable reproductive female has certainly been challenging. Creating the 'Baya' series, with a deliberate sense of a random pattern is a play on the African idea of the "Baya" cloth. But unlike the traditional African textiles, my collection of panels is meant to display my personal collection of 'reproductive' dots (literally seeds or eggs). Encased in wax to preserve and aestheticize these seeds, these panels are meant to symbolize my transitional journey. -Allyson Levy 2014

Other Works


Kaaterskill Gallery - “Hers & His - 25 years of Art & Marriage” - October 12- November 23rd 2019 - Hunter, NY

Site: Brooklyn - “Mixed Media” - November 16th - December 15th - Brooklyn, NY

Muroff-Kotler Gallery - “Hers & His - 25 years of Art & Marriage” - August 31st - September 28th 2018 - Suny Ulster - Stone Ridge, NY

Carrie Haddad Gallery - “Ebb & Flow” - April 25th - June 10 2018 Hudson, NY

Liquid Art House - 4/2017 - 10/2017 Boston, MA

Carrie Haddad Gallery - Dec 7th - Jan 22nd 2017 - “Winter Show”- Hudson, NY

Mayson Gallery - Oct 5th - Oct 19th 2016 - “Full Circle” - Nyc, NY

Union Street Studios - Sept 17th - Nov 17th, 2016 - Encaustics - “Small Works” - Brooklyn, NY

AnneMarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center - May 20th-August 28th 2016 - “Swarm” , Dowell MD

2015 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region - July 9-Sept 5th - University Art Museum, University at Albany, NY

Carrie Haddad Gallery – September 22nd 2014 - November 2nd – “Fall Show”, Hudson, NY

Albany International Airport Annex Gallery - April 10 - April 9th 2015 “Natural Gestures” Albany, NY

The Hyde Collection - October 12- Dec 31, 2013 “2013 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region” - Glens Falls, NY

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts - August 10 -19, 2013 “Current hues of the Hudson” Bethel Woods, NY

Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery - March 15 - April 19, 2013 – “Cut & Paste”, Suny Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY

Carrie Haddad Gallery – August 16th – September 16th 2012 – “Women painters”, Hudson, NY

Roos Gallery - May 5 - 26, 2012 – “Melted” – Rosendale, NY

Carrie Haddad Gallery—April 2011 -“new work” - Hudson, NY

Carrie Haddad Gallery – Photography —November 11th –December 12th 2010 “Ordinary Things” - Hudson, NY

The Room – November 20th –January 8t, 2011 – “Encaustics” – NYC, NY

The Horticultural Society of NY – Jan 2011 – “Pack Art 2011” – NYC, NY

KMOCA – Nov 6th –27th 2010 – “Pack Art 2011” – Kingston, NY

Westchester Community College Center For The Arts - June 1 – July 31, 2010

Carrie Haddad Gallery - May 14 - June 21, 2009 "Spring Exhibit" - Hudson, NY

Albany International Airport - Jan 8th- July 8th 2008 - "Repetitive Nature"

Conrad Wilde Gallery – March 3rd – April 28th 2008 - Second Annual Encaustic - Tucson, AZ

Carrie Haddad Gallery - July 12 - Aug. 12, 2007 - Hudson, NY

Samuel Dorsky Museum – Sept 17t– Dec 11th 2005 - Encaustic Work 2005 - New Paltz, NY

Commissions -Pittsburgh Children Museum 2002 - Pittsburgh, PA“Time Encapsulated “ Monument - Memory Wall - Metal & glass sculpture (20’ x 7’)