Huê Thi Hoffmaster

Artist Statement:

I test the limits of my ignorance and pursue what may very well be useless, as I go in search of that mystery and intuition that may or may not exist within me.

My paintings represent whoever I am when I arrive in front of the canvas. The aesthetic variety may be a record of emotions or play and is certainly a by-product of getting captivated in whatever game I’m playing with inside of the picture plane. At times, I love to push and pull and ride the thin line between objective and non-objective. I love to organize color masses with messes of lines breaking spaces and spots of color floating around as if it's dust in the air in front of this “thing” I’m painting. To use black masses to brighten the space. To make up the rules as I go and to discover new “rights and wrongs.” It’s a play- a painting turns into an event, and like life, is rife with inconsistencies. How lovely.

Photo of Huê Thi Hoffmaster

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Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 2001 - 2005, BFA

Selected Exhibits:

October 2022 - Delphian Gallery Juried Exhibition at Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK

June 2022 - BAM Art Advisory Invitational, "Outside In: Textures and Abstractions", Larchmont, NY

May 2022 - 3Walls Pop-Up at The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

Mohawk Hudson Regional 2021, Albany Center Gallery, September 2021 Albany, New York

February 2021 - Invitational Exhibit - Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY

October 2020 - Hudson Milliner Art Salon, Group Exhibition “Jewel the Wound”
Hudson, New York

November 2019 - Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, Juried Exhibition
Brooklyn, New York

September 2019 - 41 Main Street, Group Exhibition
Millerton, New York

August 2018 - PLACE Millerton, Solo Exhibition
Millerton, New York

May 2005 - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum, “ASE” Group
Exhibition Toppan Award for Excellence in Figure Drawing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania