An Inside Look

Carrie Haddad's Private Photography Collection

Opening Reception: Friday April 24 from 6 to 8pm

April 23, 2009 through May 24, 2009

An Inside Look: Carrie Haddad's Private Photography Collection
Apr 23, 2009 - May 24, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday April 24 from 6 to 8pm

Carrie Haddad Photographs is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibit “An Inside Look” featuring the personal photography collection of Carrie Haddad. The exhibit will be on view from April 23 through May 24, 2009. A reception will take place on Friday, April 24 from 6-8pm. Haddad will be giving a talk about her collection on Saturday, May 2 at 4pm.

Haddad’s relationship with photography has always been a personal one. “I used to live with a photographer when I was just 17 and modeling in San Francisco. I learned how much work it is to get the shot you are after…The whole thing is magic to me.”

She bought her first photograph in 1987 near the front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for $20. This piece is still one of her favorite works. Thus began her career as a collector.

When Haddad first opened her gallery in 1991, she represented a dozen artists. About a third of these artists were photographers. David Halliday was one of them, as was Susan Fowler Gallagher, and Bernie Eife. Photographers Valerie Shaff, Carole Schulze, Lilo Raymond, Dick Crenson, and Chad Kleitsch followed soon after. Haddad continued her photographic education with these artists and appreciated their patience explaining the many different processes, printing techniques, papers etc. Most importantly, through them and their work, she learned how to look. From her early days as a model in front of the lens, through 18 years as gallerist and collector her knowledge and appreciation of photography as a fine art has blossomed and grown.

Another early mentor was the pioneering gallerist Marcuse Pfeifer who was Carrie Haddad Gallery's very first customer. Haddad and Pfeifer became fast friends. One of the few female gallery owners in NY, with a gallery specializing in photography Pfeifer encouraged and inspired Haddad and continues to do so.

What has captivated Haddad and guided her eye is the photographs’ unique ability to exist in the space between reality and illusion. Her love of black and white photography, the subtle nuances of shades of gray or the rich browns of sepia prints act as a kind of mediating filter, capturing a moment and a world that only exists in that space between the nostalgic and the immediate. It is this “magic” as she calls it, that Haddad returns to again and again.

The act of collecting photography is steadily becoming more important to serious collectors. Photography has come a long way from being perceived as a scientific novelty or as the somehow illegitimate poor relation of painting or drawing. Its current and ever rising status and the blurring of such distinctions in the first place as well as its relative affordability offer many opportunities for the burgeoning collector. A gallery talk on Saturday, May 2 will address some of these issues. Haddad will share her thoughts about collecting and why the thrill of collecting art is all the more intense within this landscape.

Carrie Haddad Photographs is located at 318 Warren in Hudson, New York. Gallery hours are Thursday through Monday, from 11AM to 5PM. For more information please call the gallery at 518.828.1915 or email