Joe Putrock & Arnold Kastenbaum

Opening Reception: Saturday September 5 from 6 to 8PM

September 3, 2009 through October 11, 2009

Carrie Haddad Photographs is pleased to announce an exhibit featuring the work of photographers Joseph Putrock and Arnold Kastenbaum. This exhibition marks the debut for each of these artists with the gallery.

Power lines. A stack of chairs. An orange pylon. A row of grocery carts. These are the unexalted, the ordinary objects of day-to-day life, but in the work of photographer Joseph Putrock, such scenes convey a heightened eloquence of the rhythm and form of everyday reality. Influenced by paintings and drawings (the series is aptly titled, 'Sketches and Drawings'), Putrock's compositions evoke sentimental and atmospheric moods. In "Puddle," a murky swirl of tan and brown mud looks almost like thick oil paint, the large tire track across its surface transformed into a brush stroke. In other works, emotion turns ribald such as in the anthropomorphic outlines of bright blue stacked seats in "Four Chairs," which cause one to nearly turn their head and blush at its potential suggestion.

In Arnold Kastenbaum's work, no attempt is made to depict an object as it naturally appears. Kastenbaum's goal is to create a new object that did not exist before. The photograph itself becomes the object without regard to the subject matter. He states, "With this in mind, I utilize the unique characteristics of the medium to portray commonplace objects and show the viewer an alternative representation of the object. Often an attempt is made to show an overlooked or underlying aesthetic that exists in the mundane, be it a light bulb or a doorknob or some other simple thing. At times this results in a momentary surprise, leaving the viewer to question what the object is or how its image was produced."

This exhibit at Carrie Haddad Photographs opens on September 3rd and runs through October 11th.