Tim Flach, David Seiler, Ida Weygandt, Juliet Harrison, Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg

Reception: Saturday January 24 from 6 to 8pm

January 22, 2009 through March 8, 2009

Through the ages, the Horse has remained inseparable from man as a symbolic element of the sublime within the spirit of humanity. As representations of strength, devotion, wisdom, divination and freedom, the equine form projects not its own beauty; it reflects instead the beauty – or horror – of man’s unconscious power. Equus, opening January 22, 2009, at Carrie Haddad Photographs in Hudson, New York, spotlights the multi-layered relationship between people and horses. The exhibit will include the work of local and international photographers Tim Flach, David Seiler, Ida Weygandt, Juliet Harrison, Paul Solberg and Christopher Makos.

A professional photographer for 25 years, Tim Flach has a unique affinity for capturing the spirit and likeness of animals with his camera. His recently published book, Equus, is an exquisite study and photographic tribute to the valiant species. The exhibit will feature Flach’s evocative images of horse embryos – his intent with these photographs is to explore the complex and close relationship that humans have with the Horse. He succeeds, providing an arrestingly intimate view. “The reason the embryos are there-- it's not all about having images for the aesthetic, I mean, they are aesthetic, but for some people they're not easy to look at. But the thing about them-- one of them is circular; it looks like a round planet. Well, that's a live embryo…The reason I photographed it isn't just because it looks like a planet and a beginning, and at thirty days look like a baby (and all mammals at this stage tend to look similar), but I'm interested in how it is one thing but also looks like something else. I'm very interested in this idea of ambiguity.”

Also Interested in the ambiguity found in the shapes and form of the horse is photographer Juliet Harrison. Her deliberate abstract cropping aims to give the viewer enough room for their own personal interpretation of the subjects. With a Masters in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan and numerous gallery and museum exhibits, Harrison has been focused on photographing the horse for nearly twenty years. A lifelong admiration for the animal is undeniably present in her hand-printed silver gelatin images.

Ida Weygandt grew up in Chester County, PA surrounded by the equine-lifestyle. Her large color photographs, shot with a 4x5 view camera, document a dying way of life. “Fox hunting has for the most part always been perceived and portrayed as a game of splendor and pomp for the upper class horse enthusiast. However, growing up in horse country, Chester County, PA, I always saw it as more of a way of life for people of all classes. Its existence also contributes greatly to the preservation of forests and farm land from development.  I wanted to bring this culture to public attention in order to show the beauty that lies in this slowly vanishing tradition.” Weygandt is a recent graduate of Bard College and Massachusetts College of Art.

Sparking thoughts of blood stock and lineage are the anachronistic mixed media portraits of horses by David Seiler. Bringing to mind the great English sporting paintings of George Stubbs and Benjamin Marshall, or even the romantic moodiness of Delacroix, Seiler’s photographs show a fascination for the energy, force and personality behind the animal.  His stark contrast between light horse and dark background is reminiscent of Stubbs’ own horse portraits, devoid of landscape or any human presence.

Juxtaposing the delicate flower with the muscular horse, Christopher Makos & Paul Solberg’s photographs present the viewer with a contradiction. Their series, Hippofolium, is one half a stunning flower image, and the other half, a re-thinking of the traditional horse portrait. Makos and Solberg have been collaborating for many years under the moniker of ‘The Hilton Brothers’.  

Equus runs through March 1, 2009. There will be an opening reception for the artists on Saturday, January 24 from 6 to 8pm. All are invited to attend. For more information please call the gallery at 518-828-7655 or visit the website at www.carriehaddadgallery.com

Equus at Carrie Haddad Photographs

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Artists in this show

David Seiler

Sly Variation No.9, 2007-8

Sly Variation No.1, 2007-8


Sly Variation No.5, 2007-8


Sly Variation No.8, 2007-8

Sly Variation No.10, 2007-8


Sly Variation No.2, 2007-8


Large Olivia (4), 2008

Sly Variation No.6, 2007-8

Sizzle Head Variation No.7


Sizzle Head Variation No.5, 2010


Standing Horse (Sage, Blue Eyes), 2007-8

Ida Weygandt

Emily's Bed, 2004

Jenny's Barn, 2004

Rombout Huntsman, 2004

Summer Cubbing, 2004

Virginia Brown, 2004

Christopher Makos & Paul Solberg (The Hilton Brothers)

Peach Rose, 2005

Why, 2005

Blue Mood, 2005

Valencia, 2005

Thought, 2005

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