Photography on the Second Floor

Reception: Saturday January 27 from 6 to 8pm

Joan Barker, David Halliday, Jefferson Hayman, Hilton Brothers, Aida Laleian, Eduardo Mari, Matuschka, Franc Palaia & Eric Slayton

January 25, 2007 through December 31, 2016


Artists in this show

Kahn & Selesnick

Winglaunch, 2001

David Halliday

Apricots , 2000

Cherries, 2002

Cauliflower, 2000

Grapes, small bunch, 2000

Radishes, 2000

After the French, 2000

Chad Kleitsch

Patient's Painting and Cell, 1999

Anna Collette

Untitled (dark landscape #40), 2008

Betsy Weis (Photography)

In the Distance, 2012

Christine Rodin

Side View of Boat

Christopher Makos & Paul Solberg (The Hilton Brothers)

Thought, 2005

Dini Lamot

Anna Dots, 2007-2009

Harry Wilks

World Trade Center Backdrop

James Bleecker

Tree and Pond, Kinderhook, NY

Jed Devine

Birches, Columbia County, NY, 1987

Jefferson Hayman

Brooklyn Bridge


Chrylser Building with Cloud

Sutton Place

The New Pyramids



Wollman Rink


Jeri Eisenberg

Summer Greens & Sky, 2008

Jerry Freedner

Farm Field 39, 2013

Laura Resen

Atticus #1, 2010

Lependorf + Shire

Glyph 1

Mark Beard, photos

Red Drape

Newbold Bohemia

Peony, 2014

Robert Flynt

untitled (ES; tin), 2004

Russell Monk

Ninaita, 2010-2012

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