Nancy Goldring

For 35 years I have been developing a personal way of making art. Combining graphic, photographic, and projected material, I produce work that appears as a nonnarrative series of images or what I have called foto-projections*.

My foto-projections sug­gest the intricate nature of human perception by reordering visual information to propose irreconcilable time frames, shifting vantage points, changing moods, and memory traces. Each image represents one of the many possible ways of evoking a place or a moment; and the series altogether suggests the complex way we experience the world. Some of the series have been presented as largescale time-based installations in which the images dissolve and fade into each other. Seen this way, the sequence seems to excavate a real or imagined archaeological site thereby slowly revealing a rich sedimentation of an irrecoverable past.

* I devise a low relief collage based on pencil sketches. Using multiple slide projectors, I project fragments of relevant slides that I have taken onto the collage. Using a large format camera I photograph the model with the superimposed projections to produce “foto-projections.” Each image has the same collage as its back­ground but is layered with distinct slide information to sug­gest various modes of looking — contemplation, rumination, or reverie.

Photo of Nancy Goldring