Ralph Stout (Photography)

I have been, in turn, a lapsed graduate student in mathematics, a computer programmer and consultant, an inventor (see, for example, United States Patent 5590319), the president of a computer animation company, the chief scientist of a software firm, and a participant in at least two ill-fated high-tech startup ventures. The purpose of my daytime activities over the years has been to support my family while pursuing a nocturnal career as a painter and a photographer, and I have succeeded after a fashion. But, while I have always managed to set aside a certain amount of time for painting and photography, I have never had the time to bring my work to the attention of others. That is what I am now trying to do.

I graduated from Bucknell University in 1960 with a degree in Mathematics and went from there to Educational Testing Service, where I learned to program computers. In 1961, I left ETS, hoping to pursue an advanced degree in mathematics. Following a one-year stint as a graduate student at NYU, I dropped out, hoping, this time, to become a painter. Things might have turned out differently had I not been drafted at that point. Perhaps, but when I got out of the army in 1963, I went to work for Advanced Computer Techniques Corporation, a tiny computer consulting firm, and never looked back. ACT flourished, particularly in Europe, and I soon found myself in Paris, leading a developmental project in France for Compagnie des Machines Bull. I did not return for five years.

I came back to the US, and ACT, in 1975 and remained there until 1982 when the company founder and I left to form a new venture we decided to call LSInc. LSInc made technical history by building the first full-featured animation system for personal computers but it was never a financial success. NTT bought us out in 1986 and, as part of the deal, my partner left to live in Japan. I spent three tough years doing a variety of consulting jobs while trying in vain to raise money to build a new music synthesizer chip. In 1989, I joined Information Builders, a software vendor specializing in business intelligence and enterprise reporting and remained there until April of 2006.

My shadow career, as a painter and photographer, has been far less eventful. I began painting as an undergraduate at Bucknell. In the late sixties, at the urging of Wolf Von Dem Bussche, a photographer friend, I took up photography. I find I have little to say about either of these activities. It’s best, I think, to let my work speak for itself.

New York City and Other Places

Home Town

Home Town: Limited edition Portfolio of 20 archival pigment prints signed by Ralph Stout

Paper size: 6 x 8 inch photographs are mounted on 11 x 14 artists paper

Presented in a black clamshell box


These photographs are also available individually