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Marion Vinot: Interrupting the Game

Harry Orlyk: Winter Landscapes

March 10, 2011 through April 17, 2011

Harry Orlyk and Marion Vinot


Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to announce their newest exhibit featuring the work of two artists with highly individual styles – Harry Orlyk and Marion Vinot. Harry Orlyk’s work is continually on display at the gallery, while this will be the first exhibit of Vinot’s work in over a dozen years. It is with great pleasure that the gallery welcomes her back. There will also be a salon style display of various gallery purchases including Jim Dine and Donald Sultan, which will be on display and for sale in the back room. The exhibit runs from March 10th through April 17th.  A reception for the artists will take place on Saturday, March 12th from 6 pm to 8 pm, to which all are welcome.


In this exhibit, Harry Orlyk’s plein air oil paintings are a selection of winter images from 2010-2011. Snow scenes are a favorite for Orlyk, and the array of colors he uses in these paintings brings to mind the number of names the Inuits have for snow. No doubt, there will be a smell of wet oil paint in the room from works finished just days before the opening. 

Orlyk’s singular style is forged by combining delicate yet textured brushstrokes. He often used two or three brushes in one hand to accomplish this and to capture the light and shadows before they change. His compositions incorporate all the timeless elements of rural scenes that he paints from the back of his van as he journeys through the verdant hills and farmland surrounding his Salem, New York farmhouse. His work is undeniably indebted to the world he sees around him, and the presence of laborers, trains, bridges, farmhouses and other human elements in his paintings indicate his undying respect for the people that have influenced the landscape he is committing to canvas.  Documenting the American farmer is Orlyk’s raison d'être.


Tall and lean, Orlyk looks a bit younger than his 64 years, due to his contagious smile and ruddy complexion, a trait that can be chalked up to spending every single day outdoors, despite the weather, in an attempt to document and pay homage to the landscape that surrounds us all.


French-born Marion Vinot currently resides in the Hudson Valley, but has lived and worked in Mexico City, Austin, Texas, New York City, and St. Bartholomew, in the French West Indies. Vinot has gained recognition as an accomplished ceramicist, chef, and painter.  Her paintings are, primarily, portraits of women – women strolling, engaged in sports, cooking, napping, or simply pondering life’s possibilities. These portraits are executed in a romantic yet earthy style that brings to mind the paintings of the French Nabis. Vinot works primarily with oils and pastels, and executes her vibrant compositions with warm colors that highlight ornate patterns and textures on the clothes of her subjects. With remarkable skill, Vinot composes a delicate scene of beauty and refinement that transport the viewer from the gallery space into a world where the colors are brighter, the weather is better, and worries are few and far between.



Artists in this show

Harry Orlyk

#4544 Near the Courthouse, 2011


#4534 Under a Muted Sun, 2011


#3614 A Study for Christmas, English Farm, 2004

#3965 Winter Sower, 2007

#4089 The Year's Final Light, 2007


#4270 Story Teller, 2009

#4533 Thanksgiving, 2010

#4510 Protected Land #2, 2010


#4512 Beattie's, 2010

#4524 Dismantaling of PH 20-20, 2010

#4525 Village Study, 2010


4526 Bud's House, 2010

#4527 Evelyn's Barn, 2010

#4528 Protected Land #3, 2010


#4529 For the Deer, 2010


#4530 Study of a Green Truck in Autumn, 2010

#4531 Tammarack, 2010

#4532 Working Land, 2010

#4535 Easy Road, 2010

#4536 A Walk Around the Barn, 2010

#4537 Retired Tractor, 2010


#4538 Rabbit Keeper, 2010

#4539 Felled Trees, 2010


#4545 The Long Barn, 2010

#4546 Village Edge, 2011

#4547 Winter Road, 2011


#4548 Couple in the Snow, 2011

#4549 Potato Barn Compound, 2011

#4550 A Farmer's Tough Winter, 2011

#4551 Sun Raked Snow, 2010

#4552 SAW Road, 2011


#4553 The Salem Plow, 2011


#4554 The Old Chamber's House, 2011

#4555 Carney Field, 2011

#4556 Woody Hill, 2011

#4559 Protected Land #4, 2011

#4560 Slurry Barn, 2011


#4562 The Beattie House, 2011

#4564 House on Sheldon Road, 2011


#4565 The Winter Deer, 2011

#3629 Silos, 2005


Marion Vinot

Family, 2002

Sweet Presence, 2007


Game Interrupted, 2004

L'Enfant Que J'etais, 2008


Painting in Motion, 2007


Saga de Vie, 2008

Silkies, 2005


The Child, 2002

The Cooking Lesson


The Dream Maker, 2003

Time Out, 2008

The Bird Whisperer, 2008


Faun and Fairies, 2004

The Painter and the Puppeteer, 2004

The Edge of the Dream, 2010

Bringing the Pieces Together, 2011

The Wayfarers, 2008

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