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Linda Newman Boughton

 Linda Newman Boughton is a Hudson Valley based artist who makes inspired fine art while making commissioned artwork for the motion picture and television industries. Her recent work is an exciting return to her first love - drawing. Taking historical portraits of Civil War soldiers and generals and baroque landscape images she is making dynamic drawings with a ball point pen creating unique drawings that at a distance have an etching feel to them but upon closer inspection, they yield a wildly expressive work of art that puts the drawings into a decisively contemporary and somewhat pop-art place. Her ball point pen landscape drawings are also a recent addition to her portfolio, selling two to Lynda and Stuart Resnik's private collection in Los Angeles at the close of 2013. 



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Civil War Soldiers

The Civil War drawings were my first ballpoint pen drawings and inspired from a dream I had while briefly living in China. The dream had me leaving an exhibit of art which I loved and I awoke sketching an image of one of the works of art so I could remember what I dreamt the next day. All I could make out in my memory was three figures in old fashioned clothing standing under a tree. A few days later I happened upon a book of photographs from the Civil War taken by Mathew Brady and decided to thumb through. As I flipped through pages of images I stopped abruptly on an image of three soldiers standing under a tree. It struck me as being the image I saw in my dream. I began looking closer at the photos and knew I had to draw these men and try to capture the expressions on their faces daring to share whatever I could of their amazing lives as soldiers. Not being a believer in war I was surprised by my need to draw them and found the experience quite emotional for me.

Americana 2017

Americana 2017

Drummer, 2011

Abraham Lincoln, 2011

Lew Wallace, 2011

Nimrod Burke, 2012

The Letter, 2011

William Mahone, 2011


Linda grew up in an artistic and theatrical family in Tampa, Florida. Drawing and painting always felt effortless and fun for her. Acting and designing in theatre also made up much of her early years. Her first choice in higher education was at Florida State University where she was a theatre major and had an art minor. At the University drawing skills were emphasized, and with a love of drawing people, she found herself in a fashion illustration class, loving every minute of it. Within a year of taking that class, she taught a summer fashion illustration course at Florida State University, and soon made her move to New York City where she attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, graduating Cum Laude, with a degree in fashion illustration. 

She worked in the fashion industry for the next several years, illustrating, designing accessories and shooting freelance photography. Her love of acting and design soon propelled her to seek out Hollywood and the creative opportunities of working in the movie industry. 

Within in a year Linda was working as a lead scenic artist painting sets and murals for feature films. On a feature called: Wes Craven's New Nightmare- Nightmare on Elm Street VII, there was a need for a Warhol styled triptych and she knew she could paint it- even though she hadn't painted a canvas in almost 10 years. The film ended up needing many paintings and she painted every one. Each was a different style, and she learned something new about herself in the process. She could paint any style and she had a sharp eye for reproduction painting. She went on to create artwork for movies and television, painting whatever was asked of her in whatever style was needed, and was learning to really see as an artist sees, and gaining confidence in herself as a painter along the way. Her work has been seen in several feature films in the past such as: NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET VII, FIGHT CLUB, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, DEJA VU and Television's DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES AND WILL AND GRACE. She has work in the upcoming MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS (starring Russell Crowe) and Johnny Depp's THE LONE RANGER.   

A self taught painter and lover of portraiture, Linda has exhibited her paintings at The James Grey Gallery at Bergamot Station and has been in several group shows in Los Angeles, a couple at The Long Beach Museum and a juried show at The Chautauqua Institute in New York. 


Davenport and Shapiro Fine Art    East Hampton, NY    July - October 2012    
Eckerd College    St. Petersburg, FL    The 10th Anniversary Invited Artists Exhibit    January - March 2012
1078 Gallery   Chico, CA   September 2011  
The Happening Gallery   Los Angeles, CA   Group Show   September 2010   
Strohl Art Center / Chautauqua Institute    Chautauqua, New York    Juried Show    June - July 2010
James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station    Santa Monica, CA    2009
Gallery 800    Los Angeles, CA    Group Show    2009
Art Salon    Washington DC    2009
MJ Higgins Gallery    Los Angeles, CA   Group Show    2008
The Long Beach Museum of Art    Long Beach, CA    Group Show - Art Auction X    2005
The Long Beach Museum of Art    Long Beach, CA    Group Show - Art Auction IX    2003 


ART WORK FOR MOVIES                                                                  ART WORK FOR TV
The Man with the Iron Fists                                                                  Up All Night
The Lone Ranger                                                                                  Hemlock Grove
Beautiful Creatures                                                                               Big Love
Savages                                                                                               Desperate Housewives
Water For Elephants                                                                             Will and Grace
Jonah Hex                                                                                            Access Hollywood
Eagle Eye                                                                                             Various pilots
Déjà vu
Starsky and Hutch                                                                               

Skeleton Key                                                                                       
The Crow - City of Angels                                                                   
Fight Club
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Austin Powers- The Spy who Shagged Me
Wes Craven’s New Nightmareb - Nightmare on Elm Street VII
One Fine Day


Arizona Grand Resort, Phoenix, AZ
The Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, AZ
Many private residents in the Los Angeles area
My murals have been featured in magazines such as:
Architectural Digest, Child Magazine and Palm Springs Life.


Several paintings in the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Collection

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