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David Dew Bruner

After a 15 year gap in my career from making art, a death in the family in 2011 was the catalyst that prompted me to once again pick up my pencil. The first series was a familiar one - the beloved oak tree of the south which I had drawn since I was first taught the skill in  1972.  I have always loved art history and seeking inspiration, I began looking at other artists, eventually discovering the work of Graham Sutherland. A single detail in one of his drawings set me off down the trail of re-interpreting/digesting/re-assembling his and others’ works. The original source of inspiration often gets completely lost in the new work but the concept remains intact. I spin and riff off of others’ ideas and by doing such, the viewer and I, gain more insight to the original work while experiencing something altogether new. I seem to return to the marks that Sutherland makes on some of his abstract drawings and turn them into my own. I have so far used A. J. Drysdale ( live oak series), Graham Sutherland (The Sutherland Project series and the Figure), Picasso (Equus), Constables cloud studies (Painting a whisper), Manet's Olympia (Olympia series) and Velasquez's Infanta Margarita (Infanta Margarita series). And an important part of my drawing experience comes from the story about Rauschenberg erasing a deKooning drawing. I loved the idea that something else was on that sheet of paper - pre-existing images; ghosts of other hands; total mystery.  Some drawings may have up to 4 drawings on the page that I have erased; sometimes all that is left is the indentation of the mark which will only be visible when there is shading or a smudge.


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Arcs II, 2016

Arcs III, 2016

Arcs VI, 2017

Arcs VII, 2017

Arcs VIII, 2017

Arcs VIX, 2017

Balla Duchamps

Infanta Margarita

Waterlilies & Calla Lillies

Janus Women


Birds, 2016

Birds II , 2016

Birds III , 2016

Birds IV, 2016

Birds V , 2016

Birds VI, 2016


Olympia Series

Other Works on Paper

Installation View






Bachelor of Landscape Architecture – 1978

Bachelor of Fine Arts – 1978


Master of Landscape Architecture – 1984



New York City Department of Parks

Deputy Administrator of Riverside Park – 1984-1999

World Trade Center

Landscape Architect – 1999-2000

Bette Midler – New York Restoration Project

Landscape Architect – 2000 – 2001

Residential Landscape Architect – 1995 to present


New York Botanical Gardens – Bronx, New York

Instructor – 1987 to 2014

Columbia University – New York, New York

Lecturer – 1994 – 2014


Gallery Representation

The Source Gallery

San Francisco, Ca. – 1980 – 1983

Mitchell-Thompson Gallery

New York, New York – 1992- 1994


Hudson, New York – 2011- 2014

Carrie Haddad Gallery

Hudson, New York - 2015 to present


Mrs. Nan Swid

Ms. Mary Stuart Masterson

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Robert and Roby Whitlocke

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