Maria Cristina Brusca

About Tango

One of my earliest childhood memories is falling asleep to the sounds of Glostora Tango Club —an Argentinean radio program of the fifties. At that time, the Tango was part of everyday life in Argentina.

The Tango, born around 1880, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, was first danced, created, on the streets, and in the brothels, where men often danced with other men while waiting their turn. This Tango was a dance of openly obscene gestures with lyrics containing many sexual references.

Tango music, lyrics and dance were forbidden in “decent society” for a long time. As Tango was cleansed of the obscene, it became fully accepted, played on the radios, danced at home and on ballroom floors.

But even when Tango developed into an expression of social issues and many kinds of feelings, Passion and Eroticism are always present as its primal energy.

The Tango has been since the 70’s one of my favorite subjects. I like to set my tangos on small stages. The pen and ink technique gives me the sharpness I need to narrate in these small spaces and helps me to produce a dark, dense atmosphere. A small amount of watercolor brings more intensity to these images.

María Cristina Brusca

Photo of Maria Cristina Brusca


María Cristina Brusca was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she graduated as a Professor of Graphic Design —specializing in Book Design and Illustration— and studied drawing and sculpture with various maestros.

Beginning in 1973, she has worked as a teacher, graphic designer, author and illustrator of books in Argentina and the USA.

Since 1968, she has shown her artwork in galleries and juried shows in her native Argentina.

Brusca has won awards as a fine artist and an illustrator as well as as an author in Latin America and the USA.

She has shown her drawings in solo shows in the USA since 1989, most recently, “Tango and Other Dreams”, at Donskoj & Company, in Kingston, NY, in October 2011.

She has also participated in several group and juried exhibitions, most recently:

June-November 2012: “Hudson Valley Artists 2012: Dear Mother Nature”, Curated by Linda Weintraub, Samuel Dorsky Museum, SUNY New Paltz, NY.

March 2012- Regional Juried Exhibition: “Water”, Juried by Portia Munson, Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY.

March 2010- Regional Juried Exhibition: “Marks that Matter”, Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY.