Madelon Jones

Paintings mounted on panel

Framed paintings on paper




Madelon Jones' work as an artist has always been about color, light, movement and texture. Her paintings reflect her continuing interest in combining printmaking and painting techniques on paper. “Paper is a material I have loved since my beginnings as a printmaker,” says Jones, “Hand-made papers stand up best to the rigors of my painting techniques and are used in most of my paintings, mono-prints and mixed media pieces.”

Her work features images that have been influenced by her exploration of encaustic painting. Although oil based ink and paint are used instead of wax the effect is rich in color and depth and abstract in nature. Jones attacks her surfaces using brushes, hand rollers, her fingers, hands, paper towels, and any other tool that will do the job at the moment, working and re-working the surface until she obtains the desired effect. Many of the resulting images have an ageless quality and call to mind the textures and colors of ancient cultures.

Her work can be found in museums, private collections and corporate headquarters through out the world.