Frank DePietro

My work is inspired by close observations of the natural world and encounters with still mo-ments that give us pause. I want to give permanence to these moments as tangible objects. Lines, shapes and colors encountered in nature, reveal the cycles of decay and regeneration that are life’s constant state of change. My paintings display a quiet, meditative quality, con-templating our connection to this ephemeral presence and changing notions of what nature is. I find a deep correlation between this organic sensibility and the slow creative process of painting. The compositions are selected in an empirical manner, dictated directly by what I have seen and experienced. The subject is portrayed in a manner true to their existence in a specific time and place and selected based on considerations of visual relationships to formal elements of painting. Aspects of photo realism, hard edge and color field techniques are uti-lized to isolate the uniqueness of the subject’s detail, as well as emphasize flatness and illusion of depth within the two-dimensional space of the painting.

Photo of Frank DePietro

Lotus (Small)

Lotus (Med/Lg)


Frank DePietro was born and raised in Scranton PA. He received a Bachelor of Art from Bloomsburg University in 1997, majoring in both Painting and Ceramics with a minor in Art History. In 2000 he earned a degree in Art Education from Moore College of Art and Design while continuing his studies in painting. Frank lived in Philadelphia for twelve years painting and teaching at several museums, art centers and schools in the region. In 2010 he and his family moved to Chester County PA, where he currently resides. Frank currently teaches painting classes and workshops at the Delaware Art Museum and Longwood Gardens. He exhibits his paintings both locally and nationally. Frank has been the recipient of several awards and publications, his work is held in many private and public collections including the permanent collection of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.