Huê Thi Hoffmaster

Artist Statement:

“Listening” may be the most effective word to describe what I’m doing when painting. I simply set up my work area with colors and tools and I attempt to get into a flow state where I’m observing what I’m doing rather than directing, as if the painting is something that is happening naturally and I’m not doing anything at all other than listening and observing. This practice has been derived from life experience, becoming aware of and exploring an internal landscape full of color, emotion, energy, joys, and sorrows. I haven’t even scratched the surface and will continue to play and explore there.

Photo of Huê Thi Hoffmaster




Huê (hWay) Thi Hoffmaster, the son of Vietnamese and American parents, is a painter, Self Expression Mentor and Coach. Huê studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (2001 - 2005). Huê is shamelessly a multidisciplinary painter working in different styles from objective/figurative works to nonobjective and abstract paintings drawing artistic inspiration through self development, healing, playful expression, and the joys and sorrows of life.

Huê has produced artwork and exchanged it privately with collectors for 20 years. He’s shown at a The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum in 2005 selling his entire collection. Most recently he has participated in the exhibition “Jewel the Wound” at The Hudson Milliner Art Salon (October 2020) and a sold out solo show at PLACE Millerton in 2017.

Hue lives and works in Hudson, New York.


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 2001 - 2005, BFA

Selected Exhibits:

October 2020 - Hudson Milliner Art Salon, Group Exhibition “Jewel the Wound”
Hudson, New York

November 2019 - Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, Juried Exhibition
Brooklyn, New York

September 2019 - 41 Main Street, Group Exhibition
Millerton, New York

August 2018 - PLACE Millerton, Solo Exhibition
Millerton, New York

May 2005 - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum, “ASE” Group
Exhibition Toppan Award for Excellence in Figure Drawing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania