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Christopher Engel

 As Max Beckmann said: “Space, and space again, is the infinite deity which surrounds us and in which we are ourselves contained.”

 Over the years my work has ranged from landscape to social-political to abstract-landscape and to purely abstract.

Throughout my artistic life and work my interest has been with spatial concerns. Even as a landscape painter in the 70’s I was deeply affected by the relationship of the elements of the landscape, trees, shrubs, flowers, bushes, elements on the periphery and near and far everything worked to define the space that contained and moved me.


These are the same things that informed my abstract paintings which I see as meditations on space.

As with Max Beckman, the space around us to me is the defining characteristic that makes us aware and allows us to function in our environment. Creating this feeling of space in my abstract work with color, texture, line, scale, scraping, dripping etc. is what satisfies my aesthetic needs.

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 The Fan Shaped Paintings evolved from the process of mixing paint in paper coffee cups. As I noticed the intriguing arrangement and patterns of color and shapes in the mixing cups I began to set the cups aside to save those images. Years later, I began unfolding the stacks cups I had saved to see the images and patterns of color. I was also attracted to the fan-like shape of the opened cups. The spontaneous nature of the color and shapes on my palette of “coffee cups” became the genesis of the creation of the Fan Paintings.

Fan Painting #1, Untitled

Fan Painting #9 Dreamer

Fan Painting No. 6, Dark Storm

Fan Painting #5, Untitled, 2006

Fan Painting #7 , 2006

Fan Painting #10, Hard Rain

Meditations on Space

Small Paintings (1999-2004)

Soft Paintings

Small Studies 2008

Byrdcliffe Paintings





2014 Commons Gallery Margaretville, NY

2014 Zoom Gallery, Fleishmanns, NY  "Selections"

2006 Erpf Gallery, Arkville, NY “A Selection of Works” 

2004 The Commons, Margaretville, NY “Survey from the 1980s to the


1991 Roxbury Arts Group, Roxbury, NY

1987 Soho Gallery, Seattle, WA, “Selected Works” 

1986 Hundredwaters Gallery, Seattle, WA, “New Works”

1982 Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo, NY, “Rites of Passage”



2016 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY "Point of Intersection"

2014 Zoom Gallery, Fleishmanns, NY  "Summer Show"
2011 Byrdcliffe Members Show

2010 Byrdcliffe Members Show 

2010 Byrdcliffe Small Works Show

2010 Woodstock Artist Association and Museum Show

2008 Woodstock Artist Association and Museum Gray Matter Show

2008 Woodstock Artist Association and Museum Inside/Outside the Box

2008 Woodstock Artist Association and Museum Small Works on Paper 

2004 Roxbury Arts Group, Roxbury, NY, “Now, Then and Before” 

2003 Roxbury Arts Group, Roxbury, NY, December

1994 Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo, NY, “Men in Suits”

1989 Print Show, Ward-Nasse Gallery, NY

1988 Hundredwaters Gallery, Seattle, WA, “Art and Religion”

1987 New York Print Fair, Eldindean Press

1986 Summit Show, Seattle, WA

1986 Pierot Gallery, Seattle, WA

1985 Donnally Books Gallery, Seattle, WA, “Woodcuts”

1985 Fourwalls, Hoboken, NJ

1983 Sharpe Gallery, NY, “Self-Image”


2012 and 2011 Byrdcliffe June Artist’s Residency Programs 

Elected to the board of Woodstock Artist Association and Museum 

2011 Woodstock Artist Association and Museum 3rd Annual Regional          
         Show  Honored for Best Abstract Painting in Show

2011 Woodstock Artist Association and Museum March Group Show Honorable Mention

1985 Grant from Change, Inc.

Full Tuition Scholarship, Art Center College of Design

Leslie and Stuart Reiser, Wayne, NJ.

Rouse Corporation, New York, Robert Heller, New York, Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich

Carol Pulin, Print Curator Smithsonian, Elizabeth Hahn, 
Print Specialist Christies

Mary Lou Knode, Print Department MOMA, Kathy Caraccio, 
Publisher of Etchings

Art Students League, 1976-1981, Studied with: Richard Pousette-Dart,

Roberto Delomonica, Julian Levy, Vaclav Vytlacil

Art Center College of Design, 1969-1971

Chicago Academy of Fine Art, 1964- 1966

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