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David Paulson

"The abstract quality of my work is often troubling to some viewers who are looking for objects that are recognizable and therefore has a name. I remembered as an art student when I first “let go” of the contour of an object it was like jumping off of a cliff. But it was the beginning of everything else that’s still evolving in my work. As a painter you slowly perceive the reality of forms as process. How a form is made becomes more important than what it is-and what it does. The expression becomes the reality.
I work in a few directions. One way is to hold an image in my mind- say I’m going to paint a seated figure, or a head. I don’t know what it will look like or whether it’s male or female or if it’s large or small- all this evolves in the process- what’s important to me is that there is recognition of an aspect of self. Many people see my work as expressionistic. That’s not something I necessarily strive for – I see myself as a formalist. My concerns are always about composition; how one shape acts with another, positive, negative space- depth and weight and most important- what kind of space the forms exist in. I believe that the emotion comes from the fact that I can never get what I’m after because I don’t know it till I see it.
Another way I work is, to me, even more difficult because I have no anchor. I start from a gesture and react to it. Without an object in mind I hold onto whatever knowledge I’ve acquired as to constructing a picture. The openness places me in a space that is uncomfortable and I grasp for meaning and content. I search for poetics- an encounter again with an aspect of the self. It’s like being a composer.  Melody, harmony and rhythm carry the internal content to a certain form.
If a picture suggests the natural world, I force my mind to concentrate on developing its weight and its placement and light – anything but the overwhelming desire to name it. That way I can suspend the moment of recognition and live in its mystery."

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 David Paulson was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1955. He is an alumnus of the Swain School of Design and the Parson’s School of Design Graduate Program for Painting.  While at Parson’s, Paulson studied with Leland Bell and Paul Resika, both of whom were strongly influenced by Hans Hoffman’s work. Paulson’s work was also strongly influenced by David L. Smith, who was a student of Hoffman’s in the 50’s.

 During his fifteen years in NYC, Paulson made hundreds of visits to view the great paintings housed in the City’s museums. He engaged exclusively in figurative painting.  He taught at the Swain School of Design, New York Studio School, Parson's School of Design, Sarah Lawrence College, New York Studio School, and IS183

Eventually, the desire for a physical change from the campus of NYC led Paulson to the Hudson Valley region in 1994.  Paulson was recently awarded the Purchase Prize for Painting at the National Academy of Arts and Letters in March, 2014.  He now lives and paints in Ghent, NY. 


Selected Exhibitions:

2014        American Academy of Arts and Letters: 2014 Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts, NYC
2011        Carrie Haddad Gallery   Hudson, NY     20th Anniversary Exhibit
2010        Brik Gallery   Catskill, NY     Painting, Drawing, Sculpture
                 Crowell’s Fine At Gallery  Bedford, MA    Recent Work
2008        Sideshow   Brooklyn, NY
2007        Verdigris Art   Hudson, NY    Figurative
2006        Sideshow   Brooklyn, NY       War is Over
2004        The Painting Center   NYC     Recent Works on Paper
2003        Morris Arlos Fine Arts Gallery, NYC
2002        Morris Arlos Fine Arts Gallery, NYC
2001        Morris Arlos Fine Arts Gallery, NYC
                 AFA Gallery, Scranton PA   Five Figure Painters
                 Hudosn Opera House   Hudson, NY      Recent Works
1999        New York tudio School   NYC    100 Drawings
1998        The Painting Center   NYC   Paulson/Eisenbeis  Recent Paintings
1997        The Painting Center   NYC    Figure Painting and the Reasonable Lie
                  Rising Tide Gallery  Provincetown, MA    Invitational
1996        Warren Street Gallery    Hudson, NY    Solo Show
1995        County College of Susssx  Newton, NJ      Solo Show
1994        Ute Stebich Gallery   Lenox, MA
1993        The Bill Race Gallery  NYC      Three Emerging Artists


1979-1981     Parsons School of Design  NYC  MFA in Painting
1981-1983    New York Studio School  NYC   Independent Study/Sculpture
1976-1979    Swain School of Design  New Bedford, MA   BFA in Painting
1977              Yale University  Norfolk, CT  Summer Program


1977-1978    Swain School of Design  Children’s Drawing Class
1986-1988    New York Studio School   Painting Instructor
1990-1992    Parson’s School of Design  lecture Series/Art History
1996               Sarah Lawrence College  Visiting Artist/Sculpture Instructor
2002               New Your Studio School  Visiting Artist/Drawing Insructor
                         IS183    Drawing and Painting
2003               IS183    Drawing and Painting        


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