Juan Garcia-Nunez

Trained as an Architect, Mr. Garcia-Nunez's main interest for the past 13 years has been the theoretical and poetic exploration of space and form. Painting, video, film, philosophy and science have entered his work through the act of architectural conception, design and construction.

His work has been exhibited in New York, Connecticut and Latin America. His shows include "Myths, Images and Metaphors" at the Venezuelan Art Center; "Constructed Paintings", solo show at Doma Gallery in New York City, and "Architecture, Science and Reason at Higgins Hall Gallery in New York, among others.

He has been awarded the NARA/TOTO World Architecture Trienniel inJapan, second prize finalist; also a Special Mention from the Museum of the National Arts Foundation, as well as the Lloyd Warren Fellowship: 74th Paris Prize, finalist.

Among his videos there is "The Whispering Eye", also "From Space to Memory" and "The Bridge".

Photo of Juan Garcia-Nunez


Icebergs (Drawings)

Icebergs (Sculpture)

Almas y Dientes (Souls and Teeth)




The River


The Flood

Erasing History




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