Gabriel de la Portilla

My art deals with myth and myth-making albeit in a very abstract way. Myths concern our desire to understand that which is unknowable, beyond our grasp. My work expresses that desire to explore hidden meanings that lie behind what is readily visible, even if it seemingly obfuscates more than clarifies.

Often I am influenced by literature and music, two of the greatest depositories of myth. The works in this show were all influenced by my reading of Robert Browning’s poem: Caliban Upon Setebos. The yearning of the creature to understand his god, and to understand where he came from resonated strongly with me.

Work on Paper



Education: Minor in Studio Art, Hunter College CUNY 1993

1994/95 Two group shows at Leslie Lohman Gallery, NYC, NY

1995 Group show at Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY

2011 Group Exhibition “Genitalia” at Galeria in Queen, NY, October

2014 Spring Grand Salon Show at Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, March

2014 Winners’ Show at Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, June

2014 Group Exhibition “Biomedicine and Subjectivites” at 1310 Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Nov.