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Russell Smith



"In my paintings I take a reductionist approach to the landscape, and more recently I've

added shapes representing impressions of mans structures, systems and tools that

are present in our environment. 

Vast horizons on water and land have been  my reference to nature, and adding these

symbols of man made shapes into my latest paintings add abstract elements while

being able to show the contrast

between man and nature.  These works are done in oil and acrylic, on paper, wood panel,

and canvas."

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Other available works

Works on Wood Panel

Works on Paper and Canvas






San Francisco Art Institute (1965 - 1968), painting and sculpture

DiabloValleyJunior College (1963 - 1965), painting






2008    Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY

2007    Galerie Penumbra, Indianapolis, IN

            "On the Horizon", Prima Gallery, Bloomington, NJ

2004    Joad Gallery, Ferndale, CA

2003    Piante Gallery, Eureka, CA

            Joad Gallery, Ferndale, CA

2001    Piante Gallery, Eureka, CA

2000    Piante Gallery, Eureka, CA





Russell Smith

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