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Stephen King


All of these works illustrate the search for and the facing down of my inner demons and thus finding my true self or my center.
Surrounding that center is either the façade constructed to protect one’s self and present to the world that which is wished to be seen, or the reward for facing inner demons, expressed with gold or an egg or sphere representing rebirth.
The American native Navajo (Ni’hookaa Diyan Diné or ‘Holy Earth People’) weaver would often weave a single thread of yarn from the center of a rug to the outside edge. This made it possible for the weaver’s spirit to get out of the rug so she could go and weave another. This thread was most often red.
Thus the use of red in my work is the presence of my spirit. Often leading the way in and out of the core or sometimes acting as the barrier that must be broken to find my way to enlightenment.
This body of work was greatly inspired by a book of fiction I read about an artist Rachel Kelly, who is bipolar. While struggling with the demons of her disease she was nurtured by a loving husband and the quite contemplative surroundings of the Quaker Meeting and was able to fulfill her creative calling.  Patrick Gale writes the book, ‘Notes from an Exhibition’.
I am equally nurtured in facing my own demons, with the unconditional love from my partner.


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Night Trip, 2015

Selfie, 2015

Thin Air, 2015

Golden Rill, 2009

Tree of Life, 2014

Old Window, 2015

Reflection, 2009

Lost, 2009

Tracks, 2009

Trekker, 2014

My Private Hell, 2009

Wasps in My Vault, 2009

Nest Egg, 2009

Taking Flight, 2009


Born in New York City, 1946
Both parents were illustrators, cartoonists, and painters.
Studied television production at San Francisco State College and
Advertising at the
School of Visual Arts, New York City.
Began building mixed-media at the age of 16
Spent 40 years on the creative side of advertising as an Art Director and
Creative Director.
Lives in
New York City and Claverack, New York with partner,
garden designer, Peter Bevacqua.
1981 – 1984 Variety of Corporate Exhibitions
1985 Trump Tower Art Gallery
1985 The Works Gallery, Southampton
1989 one-man exhibition, Olaf Clasen Gallery, New York City
1992 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York
1994 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York


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