John Cross

John Cross’s head carvings, worked in pine with a simple knife, seem at first glance deceptively simple. The pieces are so sharply modeled, so clearly defined, that the viewer gets a sense of strength and mass that somewhat belies the relatively small scale. The latest work of course, relates very much to the earlier figurative carvings Cross showed throughout the seventies and eighties at the Jay Johnson and Frank Miele Galleries in New York City.

Cross also makes large contemporary sculpture based on form and transformation that combine the structure inherent in tree elements with the imprint of sculptural modulation. In each of these pieces, the natural structure of a tree often suggests the direction the sculpture must take while the lines continually delineate the shape the specific tree has taken.

With all his work, Cross’s overriding interest would appear to be the process. The materials, stone or wood or metal may vary as do the results, but his true love for making sculpture is all present.

Work by Cross can be found in the collections of the Smithsonian, The Museum of American Folk Art and the American Museum in Bath, England and his sculptures are continually included in important contemporary art shows throughout the world. He was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to create a piece, “Absolut Cross” for their on-going ad series.

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